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330 North Cutler Drive North Salt Lake, Utah 84054 | 801-384-4100
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Company Culture

North Salt Lake is a scenic area with a wide variety of outdoor activities. From world-class skiing and breathtaking national canyons to historic streets with one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. Progrexion offers a large number of jobs in North Salt Lake, providing people with a great environment both inside and outside of the office.

Lexington Law office building

Company Culture

The Progrexion culture is a positive and productive atmosphere that keeps employees motivated and enthusiastic about the place they work. We appreciate and celebrate our employees’ hard work every chance we get with prizes, giveaways and more. Once in a while, we’ll even catch our management team “wigging out” at the amazing numbers our team members hit.

Employee wearing blue hair wig and sunglasses
Company Culture

We know how hard the employees at Progrexion work—that’s why we go out of our way to always make them feel appreciated. As an employer of choice, we’ve built a culture that rewards employees with fun events and exciting giveaways, so they always know that their efforts are recognized and valued by others.

Employees in front of a new BBQ with thumbs up
Company Culture

We like to incorporate a bit of fun in everything we do, including celebrating national holidays—from trivia day to pie day—a couple of times a month. Team members from Lexington Law Firm’s Escalations Dept. made Candy Light Sabers for 'May the 4th be with you.'

Our employees celebrating May the fourth be with you
Company Culture

We always have a fun contest going on at our offices to reward our top performers. These top performers were rewarded with a shopping spree!

Winners holding up envelopes with their shopping spree money
From Our Leaders

"Nestled in the heart of North Salt Lake, resides Lexington headquarters. Led by 10 onsite attorneys, the location is home to Lexington's staff of paralegals and credit consultants. Lexington thrives on a professional based environment that puts their clients and employees as top priority. As they continue to grow each year, Lexington still maintains a "family" type environment where you are more than just a number and a part of something bigger. At Lexington Law, you can make a difference... in your life... by making a difference in the lives of others who are challenged with credit problems. Lexington employees work hard to be successful and to keep the law firm at the top of the industry. Lexington Law is a firm that values it's employees and is motivated to make a change in its clients' lives through living these Core Values each day: INTEGRITY, TEAM, INNOVATION and PRIDE."

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Mailroom Clerk (1p-9p) Regular Full-Time North Salt Lake 360 - 360 N Cutler Drive North Salt Lake, Utah 84054 United States
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